The Women’s Board is a group of dynamic women leaders who are passionate about the Orchestra and its mission, with a focus on producing fundraising events and activities to benefit the CSO.

The Women’s Board meets six times a year to conduct board business and enjoy music and education programs. The Women’s Board fundraising activities include the CSO’s annual Symphony Ball and REMIX. Membership is via a nomination process.


The mission of the Women’s Board of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra is to promote the artistic excellence and exemplary education programs of the Orchestra by engaging women leaders in advocacy and fundraising efforts.


Membership requirements

Membership requirements for the Women’s Board include:

 a) Minimum $1,000 contribution to the CSO’s Annual Fund
 b) Annual dues payment of $250
 c) Financial support of fundraising events, including the Symphony Ball
 d) Concert series subscription
 e) Attend at least two Women’s Board meetings a year


Women’s Board Members

Elizabeth A. Parker

Immediate Past President
Elisabeth Adams

Communications/Governance Chair
Hyla Kallen

Community Engagement Chair
Judith E. Feldman

Membership Chair
Katie Barber

Honorary Members
Keiko Alexander
Cristina Mazzavillani Muti
Amy Rule

Dora J. Aalbregtse
Sharon Angell
Alison Bonney
Leslie Henner Burns
Linda Calandra
Regine Corrado
Juli Crabtree
Suzanne Demirjian
Diane Fisher
Donna Fleming
Elizabeth Foster
Karen E. Goodyear
Elisa Harris
Kyle Harvey
Leigh Ann Herman
Roberta Horwitz
Laura King
Jennifer Luby
Romana Malinowski
Heather McWilliams
Mimi P. Murley
Shelley Ochab
Sara Pfaff
Mary Rafferty
Sandra Rusnak
Ruthie Ryan
Nancy Santi
Cynthia Scholl
Courtney Shea
Kim Shepherd
Cheryl Sturm
Claudine Tambuatco
Michelle Tolliver

Advisory Committee
Fran Beatty
Ellen Gignilliat
Gloria Gottlieb