Computers and Wireless

Access to Library Electronic Resources

Library computers and wireless networks in Library buildings automatically have access to Library electronic resources.

See Off-Campus Access to connect to Library resources from off campus.

Use of Library computers and wireless networks is subject to the terms of the Library's Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the University's Policy on Information Technology Use and Access.

Library Computers

The Library provides over 150 computers for patron use. Computers are located in all libraries.

See Places to Study with Public Computers for locations.

Software Available on Library Computers

  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • CD/DVD burning and playback
  • vLab: SPSS, Stata, Matlab and other productivity software

IT Services provides access to software via vLab. See a current list of vLab software.

vLab can be accessed from Libary computers by clicking on "Access vLab software" link on the desktop.

Saving Files on Library Computers

Users should save files on a file sharing service such as UChicago Box or a flash drive. Files saved to Library computers are deleted nightly and cannot be recovered.

Dual Monitor Stations

The Library also provides monitors for use with laptops as dual monitor stations.

See Places to Study with Dual Monitors for locations.


Use Ask a Librarian to report problems with Library computers or dual monitor stations. Include your CNetID and the name of the computer (marked on the computer's case) in your report.


Wireless access is available throughout all campus libraries, though signal strength may be less reliable in Crerar and Regenstein bookstacks.

For more information, see IT Services' Wireless Data Networking.

For assistance with wireless access, see IT Services Support or visit the TechBar.

uchicago-secure (Faculty, Students, Staff, Alumni)

Use your CNet ID and password to authenticate and join the network.

Alumni may create a CNet ID if they do not already have one.

All users with a CNet ID and password are strongly encouraged to use uchicago-secure. All data transferred over the network is encrypted and cannot be seen by other users.

uchicago (Library Visitors)

Library visitors with guest credentials must use the unencrypted uchicago network.

Users with CNet IDs may use the unencrypted network, but should only do so if unable to authenticate to uchicago-secure.

Other Wireless Networks (Internet Only)


Campus visitors from other eduroam institutions will have access to the internet and will be able to authenticate to the electronic resources for which their home institution provides off campus access.

Eduroam does not provide access to electronic resources licensed to the University of Chicago.

For instructions on connecting to eduroam, contact your home institution.


The uchicago-guest network allows faculty and full-time staff at the University of Chicago to sponsor guests on the wireless network by creating temporary accounts they may use for up to two weeks. Event organizers may use uchicago-guest to provide wireless access to attendees of meetings, symposia, and other events.

Uchicago-guest does not provide access to electronic resources licensed to the University of Chicago.

See the Wireless Guest Network FAQ for more information.

Library Guest Credentials

Library visitors may be issued guest credentials that allow them to use Library computers and connect to the uchicago wireless network.

Guest credentials may be issued by the ID & Privileges Office and all circulation desks.

Guest credentials expire when a user's library privileges expire.