WJBC Memorial Wall: Civil War, Livingston County

Civil War Livingston Co

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The Civil War Memorial Wall lists a record of names of McLean County and Livingston County residents who served and perished in that conflict (1861-1865).

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Livingston County soldiers

Akhurst, James, Veteran, Pontiac, Died at Hampton, Va., May 28, 1864; wounds

Baker, Samuel, Private, Fairbury, Died at Young’s Point, La., Jan 25, 1863

Bennington, John W, Private, Livingston Co., Drowned in White River, Mar 11, 1862

Brownson, Urban A., Private, Pontiac, Died, Apr 6, 1862; wounds

Clark, John N., Private, Pontiac, Died Mar 4, 1862; wounds

Cox, John S., Private, Livingston Co., Died, Rolla, Mo., Jan 1862

Crosby, George, Private, Livingston Co., Died Feb 1, 1863

Dixon, Robert, Private, Livingston Co., Accidentally killed, Aug 12, 1864

Duflinger, James, Recruit, Livingston Co., Died, Pontiac, Ill., Dec 16, 1861

Dunn, Henry, Veteran, Pontiac, Killed, Atlanta, July 22, 1864

Egan, William, Private, Pontiac, Jun 13, 1861, Died, Feb 17, 1862; wounds

Evans, Richard Jr., Private, Pontiac, Jun 13, 1861, Died, Pontiac, Ill., Feb 15, 1862

Freeman, George J., Private, Pontiac, Died, Bird’s Pt., Jan 13, 1862

Gorbett, George W., Recruit, Pontiac, Died near Alexandria, Va., Apr 17, 1864

Gott, Henry, Veteran, Pontiac, Died, Andersonville prison, Jan 15, 1865. Gr. 12,461

Hamilton, Lester, Veteran, Pontiac, Killed in action, May 20, 1864

Hanselman, Christopher, Private, Livingston Co., Died at New Orleans, La., Aug 27, 1863

Heartman, William, Private, Livingston Co., Killed near Memphis, Aug 21, 1864

Highshoe, Jacob, Private, Pontiac, Killed at Fort Donelson, Feb 15, 1862

Howell, William B., Private, Pontiac, Died, Louisville, May 6, 1862

Johnson, Abram O., Private, Livingston Co., Died at Morganzia, La., Mar 31, 1864; wounds

Johnson, Samuel B., Recruit, Pontiac, Died, Bermuda Hundred, Jun 30, 1864

Jones, William A., Private, Vail’s Saw Mill, Died, Rolla, Mo., Jan 18, 1862

Kelly, Thomas, Corporal, Pontiac, Died at Lagrange, Tenn., May 12, 1863

Knight, Anthony, Corporal, Pontiac, Supposed killed at Shiloh, Apr 7, 1862

Lord, James G., Corporal, Pontiac, Killed at Raymond, Miss., May 12, 1863

McArthur, H., Corporal, Pontiac, Died, Avoca, Ill., Mar 4, 1862

McDowell, James M., Private, Livingston Co., Died at Helena, Ark., Sep 13, 1862

Milam, Lindsay W., Veteran, Pontiac, Died Aug 1864; wounds

Miller, Daniel, Recruit, Pontiac, Died, Cincinnati, May 21, 1862

Moore, Anderson L., Veteran, Pontiac, Killed in action, Apr 2, 1865

Mossholder, John, Wagoner, Pontiac, Died Pontiac, Ill., Dec 4, 1861

Murtaugh, Michael, Private, Pontiac, Killed at Shiloh, Apr 6, 1862

Page, Charles L., Captain, Pontiac, Killed in battle of Atlanta, Ga., July 22, 1864

Palmer, Gershen, Private, Pontiac, Died at Newbern, N.C., Feb 21, 1862

Perry, George, Recruit, Killed, Vicksburg, Jun 16, 1863

Pratt, Charles A., Private, Livingston Co., Died at Young’s Point, La., Jan 29, 1863

Reynolds, Orison S., Recruit, Pontiac, Died, Memphis, Mar 17, 1863

Russell, Jerome W., Recruit, Died at Baker’s Creek, Miss., July 23, 1863

Scott, Mahlon, Private, Owego Township, Died Aug 6, 1862

Scott, Walter, First Lieutenant, Owego Township, Died June 12, 1963

Scott, Wesley, Corporal, Pontiac, Died, Annapolis, Nov 10, 1864

Ullery, Jacob A., Veteran, Pontiac, Killed at Atlanta, July 21, 1864

Vieux, John, Veteran, Odell, Killed at Drury’s Bluff, Va., May 16, 1864

Weidman, Uriah, Veteran, Pontiac, Died at Camp Parole, Dec 31, 1864

Wightman, James, Captain, Odell, Died May 16, 1864

Zeph, Pleasant, Corporal, Pontiac, Died, Pontiac, Ill., Mar 4, 1862

From: genealogytrails.com, civilwar.ilgenweb.net, McLean County Museum of History


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