Reinvestment Program

Landmarks Illinois recently completed a feasibility study, generously funded by The 1772 Foundation, for a new program to allow us to invest directly in Illinois’ historic places. The new Redevelopment Program will eventually offer professional services, partnerships, purchase offers and revolving loans. By launching this program, Landmarks Illinois will become a greater resource in the revitalization of communities and neighborhoods, be better positioned to leverage the efforts of partner organizations and individuals and remain nimble in our ability to respond to preservation-related issues as they arise.

Landmarks Illinois engaged in direct property work for 25 years (from 1979 to 2004). During this time, we saved 14 buildings, provided two units of affordable housing, created an office for the nation’s first heritage area, donated capital funds to restore two National Register of Historic Places landmarks, improved the facades and curb appeal of five homes in an under-resourced neighborhood and sparked the revitalization of an historic Chicago neighborhood suffering from disinvestment.

We look forward to piloting the reinvestment program in the coming months.

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