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All About the McHenry County Historical Society.... What we do, and Who we are! Come and Join Us!
The Historical Society OFFICE is open year round, 9 a.m  to 4:30 p.m. Monday-Friday.

On behalf of the McHenry County Historical Society and Museum, I would like to invite you to become a business partner with us and enjoy special benefits all year long.

Since the mid-1960s, the McHenry County Historical Society has worked to educate the public about our county’s history. Besides operating the museum, the Society plaques historic sites and structures, hosts adult workshops and classes, makes available traveling exhibits and arranges a wide variety of school and other group programs. Covering a large area of towns, cities, and villages, MCHS is sure to reach current and prospective customers, potential employees, and other supporters that you may be unaware of. We very much appreciate your interest and invite you to participate with our countywide organization.

Becoming a business partner has many benefits! These benefits are brand new in 2016 and are sure to impress. Some examples of these valuable benefits are:

  • Use of the Research Library

  • Our local history quarterly magazine, the Tracer

  • Free family passes to the Museum and a Family Day for employees

  • Name recognition at the Museum

  • Advertising opportunitie

Please see the chart to explore the different levels and benefits that are available to you and your company. Give us a call and we will be happy to discuss these options further. Thank you for your consideration!

Quarterly publications, The Tracer, and Society's Page YES YES YES YES
Name recognition at the Museum YES YES YES YES
McHenry Cty Historical Society and Museum Business Partner Decal YES YES YES YES
Advertisement in The Tracer magazine   YES YES YES
Use of the Research library throughout the year     YES YES
10 one-time use Family passes to Museum     YES YES
Advertisement in the Society's Page newsletter     YES YES
One free use of Museum meeting space*       YES
Recognition on website and in event advertising       YES
"Family Day" at the Museum for employees       YES


Business Partner $100

  • Receive our quarterly publications, the Tracer magazine and the Society’s Page newsletter
  • Name recognition at the Museum
  • MCHS Business Partner decal

Advertising Partner $250

Same benefits as Business Partner, PLUS:

  • Eighth page advertisement in our quarterly magazine, The Tracer

Deluxe Partner $500

Same benefits as Advertising Partner, PLUS:

  • Access to the Research Library for employees*
  • 10 general admissions (one-time use) family passes to the Museum
  • Quarter page advertisement in quarterly magazine, The Tracer
  • Advertisement in the Society’s Page newsletter, published quarterly

Premier Partner $1,000

Same benefits as Deluxe Partner, PLUS:

  • One free rental of the Museum meeting space*
  • ‘Family Day’ at the Museum for employees, during regular Museum season
  • Recognition on the website and in event advertising
  • Half page advertisement in quarterly magazine, The Tracer
  • One use of The James, our traveling exhibition bus

Please contact us at the Museum with any questions, or download and return the pdf and we will contact you soon. We look forward to speaking with you! 815-923-2267

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