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This article in the Knox Alumnus magazine provides a list of students who had entered military training by October, 1917 - a mere six months after the United States declared war.

Paul Smith, a member of Knox's class of 1917, penned this brief poem about a fictional aviator's plans to tussle with the Kaiser.

Professor of Latin W.P. Drew implores Knox alumni to encourage young men of college age to come to Knox, as "the men of the freshman and sophomore classes ought to be more numerous than usual to make up for the shortage in the upper classes." Drew…

This article in the Knox Alumnus magazine summarizes the College's desire to implement a military training program on campus.

Arthur Gregg Olson writes an article in the Knox Alumnus magazine noting the deficit of Knox men in the navy. He comments, "It is a wonder to me when I look over the list of Knox men in service that so few of them have gone into the navy. It is the…

This article in the Knox Alumnus magazine provides information about the highest-ranked Knox alumnus then serving in the war, Lieutenant Colonel Charles D. Center.

A flurry of wartime marriages occurred between Knox students as men went overseas to serve in the war.

This section of the Knox Alumnus brings attention to the ways academic life and campus life changed during the war. Notably, fewer students studied German and more students studied French during the war, and the college raised more than its requisite…

This article describes the privileges associated with being a member of "The American University Union in Europe" that Knox men traveling abroad might take advantage of.

Arman L. Merriam, Class of 1917, writes an article about his experiences in the developing Air Force and what those experiences have taught him about "Americanism." Merriam states, "I sometimes believe, that Americanism asserts itself only in…

Dedication ceremony for the memorial honoring Knox's soldiers who served and died in World War I.

The monument honoring the memories of World War I soldiers from Knox features an American flag. Robert Sinclair's parents donated the flag to the memorial.

Bronze memorial plaque given by the Rebecca Parke Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The plaque is mounted on the east side of the World War I memorial in front of Old Main on the Knox College campus. The large star and the number…

These women were responsible for the creation of the World War I memorial on campus. Text on the back of this photograph reads, "Rebecca Parke Chapter D.A.R. unveiling of Bronze Tablet June 9, 1919. Presented to Knox. Introductions by Dr. McConaughy.…

Knox's honor roll was published in Knox College's yearbook, 'The Gale.'
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