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This letter, addressed "To the Heads of Clubs, Lodges, Societies, Fraternal Bodies and All Similar Organizations," describes the purpose of Thrift and War Savings Stamps, the proposed modus operandi of War Savings Societies, and the means one might…

William F. Bentley, the Knox Conservatory's director, writes of music's potency when boosting morale among soldiers overseas.

Alfred A. Boyden writes about his experience with the Foyers du Soldat, operated by the Y.M.C.A., as work that older men ineligible for active military service might do that would further the war effort.

Newspaper story detailing how Lieut. Howard C. Knotts, Knox class of 1916 and an "ace" aviator, was shot down behind the enemy line and was captured by the Germans.

Private Carpenter writes in his letter, "…I am glad to learn from some thing about your institution. But now I am a soldier boy serving my country."

Mr. Castle writes to William Ferris' sister to let her know of his death.

This art supplement and its companion article for the Fourth Liberty Loan campaign appeared in the Chicago Herald & Examiner.

Former Knox student Robert Clark writes to Dr. Simonds to thank him and Knox College for awarding him a diploma even though he didn't quite finish his studies, as he was called into military service before he had entirely completed his degree.

Robert Clark takes advantage of his "first idle moment since Monday" at training camp to express "the feelings of the four Knox Betas who are here at camp" about the publication of a seemingly scandalous and unauthorized campus publication, 'The…

Knox student and soldier Frank Connor writes to Dr. Simonds from "Somewhere In Belgium" that "I often think of you and the courses I took from you while at Knox. It is always with pleasure that I think of my days at Knox College and many many times I…

Lieutenant Jesse Allen Crafton's letter home after the armistice is published in 'The Knox Alumnus.' Crafton writes "It is done at last. It doesn't seem much different, there was but little thrill connected with it, and as yet we are not able to…

Clyde E. DeBolt writes to Mrs. Ferris about her son's death, saying "Your son was delirious almost from the start, talked and laughed almost continuously until he died a couple of days later. The nurses cried a great deal for he was such a manly chap…

Jane A. Delano of the Bureau of Nursing Service in Washington, D.C. sends Georgia Finley her official enrollment card, verifying her as an American Red Cross Dietitian, readying her for overseas travel.

This Christmas card for a nurse (the name "Claire" is written onto the card") expresses the season's greetings.

Professor of Latin W.P. Drew implores Knox alumni to encourage young men of college age to come to Knox, as "the men of the freshman and sophomore classes ought to be more numerous than usual to make up for the shortage in the upper classes." Drew…
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