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Somethin' to Write Home About: World War I

An exhibit featuring letters from the Regional History Center Collections

World War I

Oversize Collection, RC 200, #315

World War I Service Pins
Audiovisual Collection, UA 11, Political Memoriabilia, 5, WWI Service Ribbons

Oversize Collection, RC 200, Drawer 15, A!, DeKalb Daily Independent, November 11, 1918

World War I

Edward Page was the first history professor at Northern Illinois State Normal School (NIU).  Before many of his students left campus for WWI military service, Page asked them to write to let him know how they were faring.

G.W. Patrick to Page

January 21, 1918

G.W. Patrick sent Page a letter with a photograph of three classmates in uniform and gas masks asking if Page could recognize the students by their shapes.  1937.

Faculty Papers--Edward Page 


Faculty Papers, US 18, Page, Box 1, folder 2

Beverly to Page

November 13, 1918

Arthur S. Beverly wrote Page on November 13, 1918 describing the abrupt end of the war:

Well we were right in the very front line of trenches when the armistice was signed and up to the last minute were dodging machine gun bullets that were whizzing over our heads some times lying in the bottom of a deep muddy hole as the shells burst around us. The Jerry who was firing that gun must have been a union man for he worked hard up to eleven oclock but stopped promptly at that time. Then we heard them yelling in their lines and all firing was over. In a few minutes we saw them coming over with cigaretts all of them unarmed some cheering and tossing up their hats. We sent out and met them and shook hands.

Faculty Papers--Edward Page

Faculty Papers, US 18, Page, Box 1, folder 8