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"Knox College is on a war basis," this article declares as it discusses the construction of barracks on campus and the development of the S.A.T.C. at Knox.

This article notes the beginning of the S.A.T.C. at Knox.

Speakers at Knox College's Sunday morning Baccalaureate service waxed poetic about American patriotism and idealism, ending with the exhortation: "Go forth then, men and women of 1918, in the soldier spirit, humbly, unselfishly, loyally. Your Alma…

Raymond Hurlbutt tragically passed away just two weeks after coming to Knox.

Ira Neifert served in a nontraditional capacity during the war, as "army authorities" utilized his expertise in chemistry.

The tragic circumstances of Homer Sharp's death - suffering a plane accident on his wedding day - are described in this article in the Knox Alumnus magazine.

In the June 1918 issue of the Knox Alumnus magazine Major Curtis G. Redden describes being nearly struck by a shell in combat.

This article in the Knox Alumnus magazine reports Ralph Noble's death and provides a description of Noble's character.

Alfred A. Boyden writes about his experience with the Foyers du Soldat, operated by the Y.M.C.A., as work that older men ineligible for active military service might do that would further the war effort.

Knox College's 1918 commencement activities were strongly impacted by wartime sentiments.

The former president of Knox College served during the war in Palestine with the Red Cross.

This article tells the heartwarming story of Robert Midkiff and his adopted mother, the opera singer Madame Schumann-Heink.

In the Knox Alumnus magazine, S.S. McClure provides his perspective on the pivotal significance of superior technology to eventual victory. McClure comes to the conclusion that "This war differs from all other wars in that victory can be achieved…

This article in the December 1917 Knox Alumnus magazine states "That Knox College is doing its full share in all matters relating to the war goes without saying," and then goes on to describe Knox students' and faculty members' work on behalf of the…

William L. Raub, a professor of Philosophy at Knox, penned this article in the December 1917 issue of the Knox Alumnus magazine detailing his perceptions regarding the development of "German war philosophy," which he characterizes in his conclusion…
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