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Howard C. Knotts, Knox College class of 1916, writes to the Dean of the College, Dr. Simonds, asking for a letter of recommendation to enter the Aviation Section of the Signal Officers' Reserve Corps.

Knox College Alumni Association war record for Howard C. Knotts, 1917.

Newspaper story detailing how Lieut. Howard C. Knotts, Knox class of 1916 and an "ace" aviator, was shot down behind the enemy line and was captured by the Germans.

Lieutenant Hugh Rosson in uniform.

Photograph of Arman L. Merriam from The Gale, 1917, Knox College's yearbook.

A brief notice in the newspaper stating that two men from Galesburg, Harry Miller and Walter Shafer, are leaving soon to join John D. Bartlett's ambulance unit. The report goes on to say that the Miller family has nine men serving in the war, some…

Brief newspaper report about two Galesburg men, Arman L. Merriam and John Simpson, who have returned briefly to town after finishing their aviator training in Rantoul, Illinois.

Charles Wallace Haines gave his life in service during the First World War.

Gerald Norman gave his life in the armed services during World War I,

Lieutenant Jesse Allen Crafton's letter home after the armistice is published in 'The Knox Alumnus.' Crafton writes "It is done at last. It doesn't seem much different, there was but little thrill connected with it, and as yet we are not able to…

Hettie Anderson's work with the Y.W.C.A. is highlighted in this article.

Dean W.E. Simonds, who corresponded with many soldiers serving overseas, writes that the S.A.T.C.'s "advent was greeted with enthusiasm and its career has been watched with pride."

This article in the Knox Alumnus magazine, written by Knox College President James L. McConaughy, describes the S.A.T.C.'s demobilization after the armistice, stating that "The month of December was a difficult one form both the academic and the…

Knox College President James L. McConaughy writes in the Knox Alumnus magazine about the changes Knox underwent during the year after the United States joined World War I. The second page also includes a brief description of Adolph "Ziggy" Hamblin's…

William F. Bentley, the Knox Conservatory's director, writes of music's potency when boosting morale among soldiers overseas.
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