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Barbed wire fortifies a trench.

Six men sit inside a trench.

This special pass provided Georgia Finley with permission to travel way from Camp Hospital No. 91 in La Baule, France.

Georgia Finley, as a civilian employee, was given a travel pass to facilitate her work.

Georgia Finley's orders to travel to Ellis Island, New York for "mobilization with the nurses belonging to Base Hospital No. 32".

The lawn at Knox College southwest of Old Main is transformed into a battlefield for training exercises.

This Liberty Loan window flag indicated the owner displaying the flag was an owner of a Third Liberty Loan Bond.

The Tower was a notable architectural feature at Fort Sheridan.

Newspaper story detailing how Lieut. Howard C. Knotts, Knox class of 1916 and an "ace" aviator, was shot down behind the enemy line and was captured by the Germans.

The 1919 yearbook of Knox College (produced in 1918) featured a notice by the Illinois State Council of Defense, asking high school students to continue their education, "that the country may not lack an adequate supply of trained men and women."

This page documents Knox women's service in the Knox Red Cross Auxiliary, stating: "Knitting forms an important part in the life of the Knox girl. There are comparatively few things she can do in the war, and this one being the most important, she…

William Mead Ferris III identified this photograph as "The Parade" at Fort Sheridan, when it is actually a baseball game.

Three soldiers laugh and chat next to an American Red Cross vehicle.

The east wing of Alumni Hall was devoted to this 'Red Triangle' hut, in which lectures, boxing matches, and sings took place. This 'hut' also temporarily housed Knox soldiers who contracted influenza.

McClelland appointed as a first lieutenant in the Ordnance Reserve.
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