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A large ship pulls into the harbor.

This form contains information pertaining to Walter Ross Livingston's military service during World War I.

Walter Ross Livingston thanks Dr. Simonds for "the liberal attitude which the college has taken toward my finishing my work there," and expresses his excitement about starting a new term at Knox now that the war has ended.

Knox student and soldier Walter Ross Livingston.

Soldiers walk through a trench. Denuded trees above represent damage from the fighting.

The likeness of General John Pershing is used on this advertisement for War savings stamps (W.S.S.).

This poster promotes War Savings Stamps with the slogan "Over The Top." It depicts American soldiers with rifles and bayonets rising out of a trench to meet the enemy. One soldier carries an American flag. The "Torch of Liberty" emblem is in the…

These pictures from Knox men's military service show views of their service in the navy, the army, or the air force.

Knox College students and Galesburg townspeople celebrated the end of the Great War with a parade.

Gym was compulsory for sophomore students, and it is noted in this article that outdoor sports, such as soccer, hockey, and tennis, were played in the back of the gym - but only when that space was not occupied by the college company.

This poster uses the slogan "Keep them smiling, This home is helping our boys over there" to promote the United War-Work Campaign. The organizations involved in the campaign are reflected in the logos embedded in the border: War Camp, Community…

Georgia Finley's identification card provides basic details about her and includes an attached photograph.

Two soldiers pause in the entryway of a wooden building.

A brief notice in the newspaper stating that two men from Galesburg, Harry Miller and Walter Shafer, are leaving soon to join John D. Bartlett's ambulance unit. The report goes on to say that the Miller family has nine men serving in the war, some…

Trenches are fortified with barbed wire.
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